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Israel & the Palestinian Territories

Studying in Jordan, a majority Palestinian nation, compelled me to take a trip across Jordan’s western border to see the place from which so many Jordanian citizens originated.  I also realized the chance to see one of the holiest places in the world may never again be so easily in reach.  As a result, I […]

Daily Life

Most of my week days (for Jordan, the work week is Sunday through Thursday) were spent similarly.  I went to Fus’ha (Modern Standard Arabic) class every morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Afterwards, I would get falafel or chawerma with my classmates, and then usually walk down the street to ACOR (The American Center […]

The Northern Border & Umm Qais

This weekend was spent learning about water politics in the Jordan River Valley and visiting Umm Qais.  To get to the valley from Amman (or any region of Jordan of higher elevation) you have to descend through mountains and between precariously steep and winding cliffs and valleys. The Jordan River serves three countries (98% of […]


This weekend, a group of CIEE students took a bus to the southernmost tip of Jordan for a weekend in the port city of Aqaba.  We arrived Thursday night to what looked like a lively part of the city, and we were excited to explore it, but it was late, so we decided to check […]

Wadi Rum & Petra

Wadi Rum (Wadi=valley, Rum= ‘high point’), or Valley of the Moon, refers to the valley in between two large sandstone and granite rock formations in southern Jordan.  It is the largest wadi in Jordan and has been inhabited since prehistoric times.  Dunes form along the sides of the massive rock formations as the sandstone erodes, […]


After Hotel Pasha, I made my way to the Landmark Hotel, where study abroad orientation would be held, and where we would be living for the next three days.  The first day was spent getting acquainted with both the city and the other students in the program.  We toured The Citadel, an archaeological site home […]

Hotel Pasha

Because I arrived in Amman a day early, my first night was spent at Hotel Pasha, a small hotel in downtown Amman.  I checked into the hotel with a felllow CIEE student who I had met at the airport a few hours before.  I spent most of the evening on terrace, which offered an almost […]